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I went to Zukeran Elementary School back in '75-'77 (Kindergarten, which I ended up skipping, and then first through third grades). Lots of fond memories.
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wow this is crazy! i never knew that so many ppl love oki like i living here now. class of 08!! and i wanna bum around here for the rest of my life! =]
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Moshi Moshi!

(yeah, so this isn't the phone, but I like saying Moshi Moshi!)

Hey, I went to Kadena High for 3 years and graduated in 2003, anyone here remember that class?
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What's goins ons Panthers?

Well I guess there are more than just panthers in this community. I went to KHS from '94 to '97. Freshman through junior years. I looked through the entries and didn't really see anyone that went there during the same time as me so I guess I won't meet anyone that I knew here. But if anyone ever remembers hearing the sounds KSSS KSSS echoing through that halls. That was me and the PTC.