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[17 Feb 2009|08:56pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I went to Zukeran Elementary School back in '75-'77 (Kindergarten, which I ended up skipping, and then first through third grades). Lots of fond memories.

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Super quiet around here.... [30 Jun 2008|12:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So hey, what is your favorite memory of Okinawa?

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[17 Jul 2006|11:43am]
wow this is crazy! i never knew that so many ppl love oki like i do.....im living here now. class of 08!! and i wanna bum around here for the rest of my life! =]

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Katrina Relief [02 Sep 2005|09:48pm]


If you click on the link below Oxygen will donate a dollar to the relief effort in MI and New Orleans. They won't send you stuff and there are no strings attached. If you want to get invovled even in a small way this is a great way to. http://speakup.oxygen.com/campaigns/neworleans/register/ af7816c539a24aada1eeb23358e7944b/ 

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[19 Aug 2005|12:20pm]
Hi, I just found this community. I live on Oki now, and I'll be class of 2007. God I love this place.

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"Kadena Elementary School...where kids come first..." [12 Jul 2005|02:24pm]

Hi! Wow, I never thought I'd find a community for THIS!

I went to Kadena Elementary School while my dad was stationed on Okinawa, between 1993-98. And I loved it sooo much...they dragged me kicking and screaming to the airport cuz I didn't want to leave!

I'd love to meet some of yall KES alumni as well!


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Helloes. [22 Jun 2005|11:25pm]

Kadena Class of 2002! wee.

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Moshi Moshi! [22 Jun 2005|04:59pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

(yeah, so this isn't the phone, but I like saying Moshi Moshi!)

Hey, I went to Kadena High for 3 years and graduated in 2003, anyone here remember that class?

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[14 Jun 2005|01:57pm]

What's goins ons Panthers?

Well I guess there are more than just panthers in this community. I went to KHS from '94 to '97. Freshman through junior years. I looked through the entries and didn't really see anyone that went there during the same time as me so I guess I won't meet anyone that I knew here. But if anyone ever remembers hearing the sounds KSSS KSSS echoing through that halls. That was me and the PTC.

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[09 Jun 2005|02:30pm]

Kadena's Class of 2005's graduation is tomorrow :D

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[12 May 2005|11:24pm]


Dammit, I suck. I'm watching t.v. right now and Rimi Natsukawa is on and I realized I still haven't posted on this awesome community. Shame on me. First of all thanks to a_o_i , jenkel and frootijen for starting this community.

Laura Sharik-Kadena High Class of '96: I'm lucky that my parents still live on Oki so that allows me to go back and visit whenever I want. It also helps that I live in Osaka right now so that it's close. Many things have changed on Okinawa since my high school days. Ever since the G-8 summit they've sort of "pretty-fied" some of the beaches where many of us used to hang out (lots of benches, gazebos..tourists.) Unfortunately, Gate 2 street and BC street has been losing alot of it's business to big flashy mega stores. :(  But I still try to go out there and support the local guys. I do believe Ammo Box is still out there. At least it was when I was there last August. Maeda is still pretty much the same. The caves are still full of trash...what I'd really love is for all of my Oki friends (old and new) to go back out to Devil's Den and have a huge bonfire again! Full of boys running through the fire trying to show off, guitars, spontaneous swims in the ocean...damn, I love Okinawa. It's still a wonderful place when I go back, but it just ain't the same without some of you guys.

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Closure of Gate 2 Street [04 Feb 2005|01:18am]

[ mood | shocked ]

I heard on My Space that Gate 2 closed down in November. Anyone know anything about that? I remember driving home at 6 in the morn from the bars/dancing a lot. I lived close to Gate 2, so I did all of my shopping and bar hopping/dancing out there.

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Missing Okinawa [03 Feb 2005|10:54am]
Hey everybody,

My name is Torres and I lived in Oki w/ my dad and bro from '96-late '97. We were supposed to stay until 2000 but due to my stepmother's illness we had to move back to the states. What sucks is they're seperated now which means I missed out on three years to enjoy okinawa some more. I really miss it sometimes. I used to live in Naha, right down the street from Sun Sea. I stumbled onto the community by luck and was wondering if i could find any of my friends that went to AEIS with me in the 6th grade and KMS in the 7th.

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favorite spots [30 Jan 2005|10:51am]

Thanks to frootijen for reviving this community, even if it's just a little bit...

Shopping: Anywhere out Gate 2 Street, Ammo Box, hundred yen stores, the Hamby Town flea market. I'd give anything to go back, even just to shop.

Places to Hang Out: The seawall! The arcades. For some reason, the parking lot of Family Mart was a hot spot for some of us.

Eating: Hokka Hokka Tei, Family Mart (ha ha!), Cappricioso, Tacos-ya, A&W, the restaurant in Hamby Town had the best chicken katsu, Pizza/Pasta right outside of Kadena Gate 1, Pietro's.

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Favorites in Okinawa! [28 Jan 2005|07:08am]

What were your favorite places, things to do, things to see, places to eat etc.


Shopping: Ammo Box, Hamby Town, Toys R US, The Used and new CD stores out Gate 2, The Japanese Gap, G's Version, and all of the starionary stores. Can't forget the 100 Yen stores either. They got most of my money.

Places: Yamaburu Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Pineapple Farms, Shuri Castle, Sand Islands, Hedo, Ryukyu Village, The Glass blowing place (Name?), Okuma,

Places to eat: Charlie's Tacos, Skoshi Koom, There was a fantastic Steak House out Gate 4, but can't remember. We went there for Senior Prom. Kina's Kitchen, This one place in Naha, Dunkin Donuts, The Dairy Queen, McDonalds, KFC, The Restaurant at the Golf Club on Kadena. The Crystal Palace, and that is all that I can think of right now.

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well i think i posted the same stuff in okinawa but i'll do it all again! [09 Oct 2004|02:26pm]

my name is monica s. and i am an oki-holic
i went to zukeran elementary school from fall '89 to spring '96...yes i spent all my elementary years there...i'll even go in depth in case anyone out there finds me who went there with me...from what i remember, i had ms. evans (1st grade), ms. carsolin (2nd), mr. chop (3rd), ms. edgerly (4th), some lady for 5th, and ms. salucci (6th)...

then i went to lester middle school just for 7th grade and i sure don't remember any of my teachers except for ms. may who taught english lol

i lived there for 8 years...i hated it while i was there...the ROCK...i took it for granted and i wish i hadn't because now i miss it like i never thought i would...if i could spend a week on oki, i don't even know where i'd start...especially now that i don't have parental rules to go by...so not only could i revisit all the spots i remember, now i can go to all the ones i wanted to go to but was too young to do it by myself...

haha i still remember my old address!!...1503-B sada housing camp foster (or butler, i always confused the two)...it was weird because my dad was in the AF and worked at kadena but they had us living on a marine base...so it's harder to find people i knew since their parents were in other military branches...

now i live in california by travis afb...there are things to do and all, but not as many things as i'm sure i would find on oki...*sigh* how exciting it would be to take a trip there...

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[26 Sep 2004|11:08am]

Hooray, found just the community I was looking for!

Hi, my name is Colleen, and I'm an Air Force Brat. :~) My family was stationed on Kadena Air Force Base fall '93 to spring '96. I attended Kadena Middle for 7th and 8th grade, and Kadena High for 9th. I participated in a LOT of things over there, the big ones being Girl Scouts, CYM and AFJROTC. (Anyone know if Sarge Weissgerber is still there?)

I keep in touch with a lot of my friends from Okinawa, though only one of them has a livejournal that I know of. I've already sent her the link to this community.

I'll have to go digging up some pictures later. It's good to meet you all!

(Wow -- club efx is in the interests list. Does THAT ever bring back memories!)

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[16 Sep 2004|10:02pm]

Hi. I just moved to Okinawa 2 months ago. I'm going to KDHS for 10th grade right now. It seems like a lot of people here loved their time in Oki. If anyone has any questions/wants some pictures of stuff I'll be happy to help out.

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*reminisces* [29 Aug 2004|12:47pm]

Hi, I`m Denise, and I lived on Okinawa from 4th grade (fall 93) until a week before 10th grade (fall 99), as PCS schedules always decide. I went to AEIS and was in Mrs. Cahill`s, Mrs. Morris`s, and Ms. Von Bon`s classes. I went to Lester Middle and then was at Kubasaki for a year.

As was probably the case with most people stationed there, I hated the island for the first two years or so, but by middle school I started to appreciate it and hated to leave after spending so long there. I did decide, though, to get back somehow, and after taking Japanese on Okinawa and in college, I came to Japan a couple weeks ago to study here for a year in high hopes of being able to spend a week or two in Okinawa for spring break. I guess we`ll see how that turns out. It would be so odd to be back there but not be allowed on base...

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[05 Aug 2004|12:18am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey Guys!!! I'm so excited I found this place! I lived in Okinawa for the default three years in 1995-June 29, 1999. I remember the date because on the way down to Florida (where I have lived for the past five years) we stopped in Hawaii and it was the 29th again! Anyways I went to Bob Hope Elementry for my 3rd grade year and was in Mrs. Weyer's class. I went to AEIS for my 4th (Mr.Ammon/Mrs.Kazuna sp?) and 5th (Mrs.Gatus) years! I was there when we went through a billion principles because one retired...and then the other one died or something? I can't remember all the way. But holy jeez I miss that place! We lived in the housing over by the Middle school sort of but right across the street from the daycare center that at the time was new and near the towers, four seasons, shoppette, and a little video/pizza/dry cleaning complex place. My friends and I use to walk to school together every day along the trail that went by the high school. That trail always had graffiti, books, loogies (ewe), or something bad on it. lol! And I remember the banana spiders that made their webs way high in the trees because the boys would try to knock them down and I have a spider complex so it always ticked me off! Anyways it was pretty crazy because someone from my second grade class in Yokota (where we lived before Okinawa) actually goes to school with me here. We're not friends but it drove me crazy for weeks trying to figure out who the guy was and where I had seen him before. lol. Anyways I need to shut up! Sorry I got carried away!


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